Repurposing this Blog...

So it's been a while...

I've decided to repurpose this blog, moving away from 'Enantiomorph' - and instead using this platform to share my progress in training for the half marathon I'm running in July.

Half marathon? Why?

Firstly, I guess, I'm a little mad. I've always looking at events like IronMan and London Marathon and dreamed of the day I'd be running across the finish-line whilst my loved-ones cheer me on. The likelihood of me ever doing either of those 2 events is almost zero, but a half-marathon seems much more doable.

A few months ago I was offered an opportunity to join a 'trek' to Senegal to build a school via the Charity buildOn. buildOn, a non-profit organisation, strive to build schools in areas which historically have lacked in proper resouces, plus they do a lot of 'on the ground' work in America to help support children there. The trek I will be participating in will take place in late-October, however before then myself, and the 14 other participants, need to raise the necessary funds to buy building supplies and get ourselves there.

So, with my dream of crossing a finish-line after an event which physically pushes me, plus the need to raise money to help an awesome cause, I signed up to do a half-marathon.

So which one?

I will be running the Oakwood Wales Marathon and Half on Sunday 9th July. I picked this particular one for a few reasons:

  • I marshalled this exact event a few years ago and loved watching everyone
  • I'll run past my home on my journey (before the 1st mile marker - so the pictures will look better!)
  • Timing-wise it fits perfectly into my calendar (before Immersion-2 travel to India)

Final word

So that wraps up my 'kick off' post. I'm going to aim to post weekly, if not every 2 weeks, on my progress and how I'm feeling about July and the trek in October!

Thanks for reading this far, and if you are feeling particularly flush, here's my donation page:

Thanks :)